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Talk about protective measures for cyclohexane!

2021-04-17 12:03:18

Today, the manufacturer of cyclohexane explains the protective measures on cyclohexane for you!

I. Fire extinguishing agent:

1, anti-soluble foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand.

2. Avoid the use of direct water to extinguish the fire, which is easy to cause the flammable liquid to escape and cause a larger area of accident, so as to spread the fire.

Ii. Special Danger:

1, flammable liquid and steam, combustion products for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

2. The pressure in the container increases in the fire field, which may lead to the risk of cracking and explosion.


Iii. Precautions and Protective Measures for fire Fighting:

1. Fire-fighting personnel shall wear self-priming positive pressure breathing apparatus and full-body fire-fighting suit to extinguish fire upwind.

2. Move containers away from fire to open space as much as possible.

3. Spray water to keep the container cool until the fire is over.

4. If the container in the fire site has changed color or produced sound from the safety pressure relief device, it must be evacuated immediately.

5. Isolate the accident site to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering.

6, reception and treatment of fire water, prevent environmental pollution.


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