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1, 3-dioxane

2023-06-02 10:08:34
1, 3-dioxane

1, 3-dioxane

Chinese name: 1,3- dioxane rings

English name: 1,3-Dioxolane

Other names: 1, 3-dioxane; 1, 3-dioxane; Dioxamyl ring; 1, 3-dioxy-cyclopentane;

Chemical formula: C3H6O2 molecular weight 74.08

CAS login number: 646-06-0

EINECS entry number: 211-463-5

Melting point: −95℃(lit.)

Boiling point: 74℃-75℃

Density: 1.0655g/mL

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Flash point: -6℃

Purity: ≥99.5%

Water content: less than 0.1%

1, 3-dioxypentacyclic is an excellent organic solvent, widely used, mainly used as solvent of oil and fat, extraction agent, electrolytic solvent of lithium battery, chlorine-based solvent stabilizer, drug intermediates and copolyformaldehyde raw material, but also can be used as silk finishing agent and sealing adhesive raw material. Used as a solvent for low boiling point compounds and as an extractant for oils, waxes, dyes and cellulose derivatives. Electrolytic solvent of lithium battery; Chlorine-based solvent stabilizer. This product is also used as a solvent, is also silk finishing agent and sealing adhesive. Its vapor and air can form explosive mixtures. In case of open fire, high heat energy caused combustion explosion.


Forbidden compound: acid, strong oxidant

Avoid exposure conditions: light, air exposure

Polymerization hazard: No polymerization

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