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The method of synthesizing 1, 4-dioxane -2- ketone with ethylene glycol is analyzed.

2021-07-15 16:22:06

A method for the synthesis of 14- dioxane -2- ketone from ethylene glycol was introduced. The method includes synthesis of ethylene glycol monosodium, reaction of dehydrating agent with ethylene glycol and sodium hydroxide, cooling to room temperature after the reaction, standing stratification, separation of the upper liquid, directly used for the next reaction, the ethylene glycol included in low ethylene glycol monosodium does not need to be separated; β-In the synthesis of sodium hydroxyethoxyacetic acid, ethylene glycol, sodium chloroacetic acid and ethylene glycol monosodium reaction.

After the reaction, sulfoxide was added, glycol was recovered by vacuum distillation, and acetone was added after cooling to obtain crude β-hydroxy-ethoxyacetic acid sodium. Synthesis of 1, 4-dioxacyclo-2-one by adding 1, 4-dioxacyclo-2-one in an oxy-containing heterocyclic solvent was obtained by slowly adding concentrated sulfuric acid to sodium oxyethoxyacetic acid and stirring. The invention takes glycol as the synthetic raw material, the product is easy to separate, has high selectivity, and the solvent used in the reaction can be efficiently recovered and reused, and is friendly to the environment.

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Address: Room 911, Building 3, 208 Yangzijiang Avenue, Nanjing              Tel: 025-57797988             Phone number: 17766415768             Phone: 18852048848 (Manager Shen)