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Brief analysis of the nature and use of N methyl morine and the status quo in China!

2021-07-20 15:09:56

The formula of methyl morph is a colorless transparent liquid with a special amine taste, melting point 1℃, boiling point temperature and relative density. Soluble in organic solvent, miscible with water and ethanol. N- methyl morpholine is a heterocyclic tertiary amine with ether structure. It has the dual properties of tertiary amine and ether. It is an important fine chemical raw material and medical intermediate.

Widely used in pesticide, fungicide, plant growth regulator and other pharmaceutical intermediates synthesis, as well as surfactants, lubricating oil coolant, metal rust inhibitor, fiber treatment agent and other fine chemical products synthesis, can also be used as extraction agent, emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, polyurethane foam catalyst, etc., can also be used as a solvent. Extraction agent and curing agent for polyurethane vinegar coatings. Among them, it is particularly important as raw material for methyl oxide production.


Methylmorpholine is widely used in organic synthesis, especially in the synthesis of pesticides and medicine. But for a long time, the domestic demand for MML can not be met, largely dependent on imports. The main raw material for industrial production of N-methylmorpholine is dichloroethyl ether, a by-product of ethylene oxide produced by chlorol process, which is difficult for manufacturers to dispose of.

Therefore, the successful development of the process of synthesizing methylmorpholine from dichloroether and methylamine not only fills the blank in the production of methionine, but also provides a new application way for the comprehensive utilization of dichloroether. Reduced production costs and post-processing costs. In addition, with the further development of the new technology of producing artificial cellulose by solvent method, it can be predicted that the demand of dimethyl monoxide will be increasing, so the demand of dimethyl monoxide will also be increasing.


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