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Briefly discuss the synthesis and application of phthalimide

2022-11-11 11:29:54

Phthalimide is a white crystalline substance. Most of the products produced in industry are pale yellow lumps. Phthalimide can be completely soluble in lye and acetic acid, but not easily soluble in water, and a little soluble in benzene and alcohol. Phthalimide is usually prepared with phthalic anhydride as raw material, but the actual application of industrial production is carbon method and urea method. In recent years, many domestic scholars have synthesized phthalimide through various research methods and expanded its application field. It is used in dyes, brighteners, biometrics and photocatalysis. Phthalimide is also an intermediate in many pesticides and pharmaceuticals and is used in the production of many fine chemical products, such as benzene peptides, herbicides and insecticides. So the demand of phthalimide in our country is more and more large.

Phthalimide potassium salt

There are many ways to synthesize phthalimide, mainly liquid ammonia method, urea method and ammonium carbide method.

Phthalimide compounds contain aromatic structure, so that it has a decisive role in pesticide, medicine, rubber synthesis, dye industry.

There are many synthesis methods of phthalimide, and the application range is also very wide, especially in the field of pesticide, pharmaceutical intermediates, which has an indispensable role in the field of fine chemical industry, further research and development and utilization of phthalimide will find its more and more role, with people's continuous development of phthalimide, as well as the application and promotion of new varieties, The growing demand is expected to increase in the future for plant growth regulators, herbicides and biopharmaceuticals. Due to the intense heat release in the reaction process of urea method, it is difficult to control the reaction temperature, easy to cause unstable yield, low quality of production, and the production time of liquid ammonia method is too long, and a large number of ammonia volatilization is easy to cause environmental pollution. So how to produce phthalimide in a greener and more environmentally friendly way will be a new research direction for us.

The above is the related information organized by the potash salt manufacturer of phthalimide. For more information about fine chemical industry, please pay more attention to our company's official website.


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