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Application, storage and transportation of N- methyl morph

2022-12-09 17:20:43

Organic chemical intermediates are an important part of chemical production. They are not only basic raw materials, but also raw materials for fine chemicals. N-methylmorpholine is an excellent solvent and plays an important role as an intermediate in fiber spinning.

N-methylmorpholine, 4-methylmorpholine, CAS number 109-02-4, molecular weight 101.14700.

N-methylmorpholine can be used as a solvent and corrosion inhibitor for rayon, and can also be used in fine chemicals such as synthetic rubber accelerators, catalysts, extractants, chlorofluorocarbon stabilizers, chromatographic reagents, analytical reagents and drugs. N-methylmorpholine can also be used as a polyurethane catalyst for the synthesis of ampicillin and oxypenicillin, and secondary oxidation can produce N-methylmorpholine.

N-methylmorpholine is mainly used as solvent (dye, cheese, wax, shellac and other excellent solvent), extraction agent, chlorohydrocarbon stabilizer, analytical reagent, catalyst, corrosion inhibitor and so on. N-methylmorpholine is also used in synthetic rubber accelerators, polyurethane catalysts, and other fine chemicals. N-methylmorpholine is also used as a catalyst for the synthesis of ampicillin and oxpicillin.

N-methylmorpholine wholesale

n - methyl morpholine can be synthesized by hydrogen peroxide. Lyocell(commonly known as tencel) is the spinning solvent, currently known as the "green fiber".

In terms of product safety, the N-methylmorpholine manufacturer's N-methylmorpholine is flammable. Its prohibited compounds are acids, anhydrides, strong oxidants, carbon dioxide. In addition, N-methylmorpholine is irritating. Inhaling steam or mist will irritate the respiratory tract and irritate eye and skin contact. Oral inhalation is harmful to health.

N-methylmorpholine should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse during storage and transportation. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Warehouse temperature does not exceed 30℃. Keep the container sealed. It should be stored separately from oxidizer and acid and should not be mixed. N- methyl morpholine wholesale manufacturers use explosion - proof lighting and ventilation facilities. Do not use mechanical equipment and tools that cause sparks. The storage area shall be equipped with leak emergency treatment equipment and appropriate storage materials. In the process of transportation, the transport vehicle shall be equipped with the corresponding type and quantity of fire control equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment.


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