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Is 14 dioxane a dangerous Chemical

2023-04-21 11:53:25

14dioxane is a colorless, toxic, flammable liquid organic compound with the chemical formula C6H10O4. It is a six-membered cyclic ether containing six carbon atoms and four oxygen atoms. In laboratory or industrial production, dioxane is widely used as a raw material for solvents, plasticizers, coatings and resins, as well as for degreasing, extraction, refining and drying.

However, 14dioxane is also classified as one of the dangerous goods, despite its widespread use in industry and laboratories. This is because the chemical properties of 14dioxane are dangerous:

First of all, the 14dioxane manufacturer's 14dioxane is flammable and explosive. It has a very low flash point, requiring only about 55℃ to cause an explosion, and can burn even at ordinary temperatures. Therefore, it must be handled and stored under fire and explosion proof conditions. Do not put 14dioxane with fire source contact, also do not mix with oxidant, to prevent fire and explosion accidents.

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Secondly, 14dioxane is highly toxic. It can be inhaled, ingested, skin contact and other ways into the human body, causing a variety of damage. If inhaled, it can cause lung damage, causing symptoms such as coughing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. Long-term exposure may also lead to lung cancer, liver damage, reproductive system toxicity and other serious consequences. Therefore, for laboratory and industrial use of dioxane, should pay attention to wear appropriate protective equipment, and maintain respiratory health.

In addition, 14dioxane May have adverse effects on the environment. If released unchecked into the atmosphere, water and soil, 14dioxane can pollute the environment and harm ecosystems. It can disrupt plant growth, cause water bodies to become toxic and harm aquatic life. Therefore, in the laboratory or industrial production, should strengthen the control and management, to prevent its harm to the environment.

To sum up, 14 dioxane as a chemical, flammable, highly toxic, environmental pollution and other risks, should be considered as one of the dangerous chemicals. In the process of use must strictly abide by the relevant regulations, take necessary safety precautions to ensure the safety of personnel and environmental protection.


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